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The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) started its life in 1947 with the independence of Pakistan. Initially it was run through a Trust, but owing to financial bottlenecks, it was taken over by the Government through an Ordinance called; "Associated Press of Pakistan (taking over) Ordinance 1961", on 15th June 1961, to put it on a sound financial footing.
Associated Press of Pakistan
It is indeed our great privilege to introduce Pakistan's leading news/photo agency Online International News Network (OINN) to you. This is Pakistan's first bilingual news and photo wire service, dedicated to issues that are neglected by the mainstream media. We focus on national and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of the people of Pakistan in particular and the region in general. We disseminate genuine as well as useful information to the nation and the people across the globe.
Online International News Network
Sana news agency launch 1998
South Asian News Agency
Mehr News Agency (MNA), as a private and non-official media was officially launched with Farsi (Persian) and English language services on June 22, 2003. As a matter of development and based on the will of clients, Arabic language service was also introduced on January 4, 2004."Mehr" in Persian means: kindheartedness. As now, MNA wired its news in 6 languages of Persian, English, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, and German. MNA, as its policy of development, has stringers in Europe, South America, Turkey, East Asia, and some Persian Gulf littoral states for the time – being but will be extended them in correspondents in near future.
Mehr News Agency
Pakistan News >>Rasoul News Agency(RNA) Provide you latest news about Asia Get Latest Pakistan News in English and urdu.
Rasoul News Agency
The BBC is committed to protecting your and your family's personal information. We want our services to be safe and enjoyable environments for everyone. This site aims to help you to understand what information we might collect about you and how we use it.BBC World Service is the leading radio international broadcaster. Services are also available online and on video. Our network of correspondents provide impartial news, reports and analysis in 32 languages from locations around the world.
British Broadcasting Corporation
News Network International Pakistan's independent News Service
News Network International
Founded over 50 years ago, ANI is today South Asia 's leading multimedia news agency with over 100 bureaus in India , South Asia and across the globe.Our growth has been fuelled by the desire to fulfill the basic human need for knowledge and information, and we have done so with truth, credibility, quality and speed as our guiding principles. To cater to the ever-increasing spectrum of demand for news and information in an era of rapidly evolving technologies, our pursuit of excellence sees us ever innovating, improving and redesigning our products and services.
Asian News International Agency